While using Data Modeler r9.6 to save a model as Standard XML, has anyone experienced the situation where ERwin neither creates the file nor displays any error/success message?


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    Jason Shangold
    • GarySmith

      Doesn't look like anyone else has encountered this issue, so let me answer my own question based upon what I've learned.  Perhaps someone in the future can benefit.


      ERwin Data Modeler r9.6 relies upon a Windows dynamic link library called MSXM4.DLL to carry out Save As XML functionality.  This DLL is a component of Microsoft XML Core Services that depending upon the version either ships with Windows or is downloadable as a software development kit (SDK).  Microsoft stopped supporting the latest release of MSXML 4.0, SP3, as of April 2014; consequently, when our Desktop Support Team removed it from user PCs, the Save As XML functionality of Data Modeler ceased working.


      A final solution is pending for this issue.  Computer Associates (CA) acknowledges this is a known issue and has promised that a minor release (tentatively called r9.64.02) is imminent.

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