Include new tables in bulk editor csv?


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    Jason Shangold
    • TheovanWestrienen


      All objects in the bulk editor have a technical identifier, to enable import later on. Only objects with an Id generated by ERwin are actually accepted.


      But there is an alternative:

      The work around would be to create a number of dummy objects before running the bulk editor and exporting to excel, and use these dummy objects to later on import information back into ERwin.

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      • K.ghatak

        Thanks for the clarification.

        I have created few dummy objects in the data model & exported the .csv file & now I have edited the table & attribute name in the csv file .However,the column header says 'Read only' I am not getting why.As the model is in my  local machine & created by me ,so I do not see any access issue.I am not able to edit the dummy objects,its a shame.I am trying to get this done meanwhile if you have nay suggestion.Many Thanks in advance.

        • TheovanWestrienen

          Be aware that the Bulk editor is "non-relational", in the sense that only properties of one object type at a time can be updated. So you can either update attribute/column properties, or entity/table properties, not both at the same time.

          When you need to change entity properties like name, you have Bulk Edit object type = Entity/Table and Object Property = (Physical) Name.

          For example:

          will lead to this:

          After updating the table names (= Physical Name), you can then start the BE wizard again, and select Column and Column properties.


          By the way I al ways prefer to use the very straightforward copy and paste from BE to Excel (and back again after editing) above the export to .csv. For me that is easier and faster, but then again, that may be personal.

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