Can a shape be converted to an annotation?


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    Jason Shangold
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    No, there is no such thing as a conversion tool for this. You would have to use the API and write your own code, or do clever things with the combination the Bulk Editor and Excel.


    Annotations are a powerful add on. Be aware though of some limitations:


    "That means text and style revisions apply everywhere the annotation appears" - that is partially true: you can apply a Theme, and the same Theme will show in all diagrams. However size is another thing: when you add an exiting Annotation to a diagram, it will always be shown in minimal way too small size. You have size each and every occurrence of the annotation, for example after adding or removing text from the annotation, on each diagram.



    Connectors: a few release ago the concept of connectors was sort of implemented in ERwin. The connector was meant to act like a relation: it connects an Annotation to an Entity, and is meant to be reused throughout the model. However, this implementation is a failure, and the Idea to implement this correctly is rejected by ERwin Inc (it seems to be a major change to get this right). See for more details:


    Even though I am enthusiastic about the concept of annotations, I am very careful on implementing them due to this halfheartedly implementation, which seems to be a dead end street

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