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    Jason Shangold
    • TheovanWestrienen

      Copy and paste is not the ideal task for this - it is too limited from my point of view. The tool to use is Complete Compare (CC).


      Using CC you can bring over all type of model objects, not only entities / attributes, but also subject areas and diagrams.

      And you can tell ERwin which objects and which object properties you want to copy from one model to another, including which subject areas and which diagrams.


      I would say start with a new empty model, and then use CC to bring in objects from other models.


      Note that when you want to keep the relation with the source models, you can use Design Layers. You can keep the source and target models in sync over time. Reading your question I think this is not needed by you.

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    • david.clough

      Right, used the Complete Compare facility to combine several erwin models into one, using the compare on Subject Areas matching criteria.

      Very good solution, as Theo suggested it would be.

      The only thing is, you can only compare one model at a time and, with 20 models to combine this can take some time.  Now, you can bring in all 20 models and then stay in the same Complete Compare window, then process each one in turn.  When I tried to do that, however, Erwin tends to crash in a big heap !

      What I do like about it (not the crashing) is that it brings in all the Displays from the source model (unless you don't want them, in which case you can deselect them, I think).

      Anyway, I'm going to continue to use the facility, but one model at a time.

      So, thanks for the recommendation ... better than my copy and paste idea, that's for sure.

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