Can erwin import models from visio 2010/2013?


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    Jason Shangold
    • TheovanWestrienen

      You can find all import options under File ==> Import. For Visio 2 ways of importing can be found there (in ERwin 9.64.1).

      • K.ghatak

        Thanks.Yup, there are 2 options as the visio files into .erx & .xmi and I have not able to reach till that point to convert a .vsdx file into .erx or in .xmi version so not able to import into Erwin.

        • TheovanWestrienen

          For the import / export of xmi files from visio you can find something in the MS community: How do I import or export XMI files in Visio 2010 (UML?) - Microsoft Community .

          For erx files it is harder to find helpful information. It also appears that support by Visio for this format has been limited after Visio 2010 9or even disappeared, but I cannot check that).

          May be this can help: Create a Database Model (also known as Entity Relationship diagram) - Visio

          • K.ghatak

            Ok I will try as suggested if it is harder I will not look much into erx as my requirement is to import into Erwin so if this happens via xmi,I will be more than happy.

            Sorry to asking here,but have you imported excel files into Erwin.I have exported one model & then changed entity & attributes name in same format .xlsx & trying to import in a new model.How to see such models?

            • TheovanWestrienen

              I have tried to use that a few years ago. My conclusion was: these xls templates are too complex to use. And I don't think (but don't know) it has improved significantly since then.

              My way to import into ERwin is via the Bulk Editor (BE): start the BE wizard, and select the objects / properties you need Copy the result to Excel, edit the result, and paste it back into ERwin.

              In itself is the BE only meant for existing ERwin objects, but you can use it to add new objects by adding dummy objects in the ERwin model before you run the BE.

              • K.ghatak

                Thanks a lot,this is the same thing I asked in another thread in BE.As suggested I think BE is the best possible way to do this.

                Many Thanks.

              • K.ghatak

                Just to add on this context,Bulk Editor is working as you suggested though I have experimented with the excel import/export format in Erwin.Since,I had to include around 400 tables with the attributes and no other functionalities so I copy & pasted the table, attribute name & few other values in the excel sheet. The document looks a bit complicated for sure but it served my purpose.I have imported the same format excel with all the table & attribute information.

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