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    Jason Shangold
    • I agree with this proposal.  Printing large models on a plotter is important to us. The functionality has regressed from ERwin 7 to ERwin 8.

      As a workaround, we paste the model picture into Excel and print the xls on a plotter.

    • mikebnova

      I can relate to this topic. I've never liked the printing options in any version of ERWin. I hate setting the printer up in each subject area separately - I only have access to one printer, and why would anyone set up a diagram to print each subject area to a different printer even if they did have more than one? When our office upgrades to a new printer, I have to edit almost 100 subject areas in 15 models to get them up to date, being careful not to lose all the print scaling options I've set up in each area. Pretty much a whole day wasted.


      Not being able to print the whole model (or sections of a model) by selecting multiple subject areas has always been a pain. When my boss asks me to print him a fresh copy of a model I wince because it takes so much effort. It's like Word making you select the target printer and print each chapter of a user manual makes no sense.

    • WCBCA

      Agreed - this could definitely stand improvements, especially with the way the page grid moves itself around when repositioning objects and scaling.


      As a workaround, we currently force the page size to ANSI 24x36 and set the diagram to scale to fit.  This works, but results in inconsistently scaled plotter output from diagram to diagram and causes some issues when scaling fonts (some of the defaults are bitmap fonts and are illegible when scaled).

    • Rich_Cohen

      I'm using 9.5 and I agree as well.  It should be possible to get the best page size for a model from ERwin.  Right now the only way is to guess the size and move the model around to see if it fits the page grid.  Then refine your guess and try again.  Much too much work.  I have available two large format roll printers.  One prints to 24" wide paper.  The other prints to 36" or 42" wide paper.   I have a diagram that is at full size 90" X 266".  I can scale it down to look good at 36" X 106.5", but I need to know its size first.  It took me a while to work out the 90 X 266. 


      Ideally, I'd like a command to set the grid size to fit my diagram and to position the diagram inside one page grid.  Then I could look up the page size in the Page Setup dialog.


      I have Adobe Acrobat.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to save a diagram of any size to a PDF file at full size.  Then I could email it to a client who could scale and print it at whatever size their printer could handle.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to get Acrobat to work reliably with ERwin.  I think both products have problems doing this, but it's mostly ERwin.

    • WCBCA

      Since this is still one of our major pain points, I'll add another here to mention that using commercial off-the-shelf print-to-PDF options (I've tried several) often results in misaligned text, black boxes obscuring text, non-scaleable bitmap fonts and horribly rendering of patterns and shading - especially when scaling to fit or printing to plotter paper sizes... 

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