Enable button UDP editor in all editors



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    Jason Shangold

    Theo -


    Can you please provide me with the version number you are using and a screen shot of the problem. I am unable to reproduce this errant behavior.



    • TheovanWestrienen



      This happens while working in 9.5.2. However, I now found that this behavior is different between models. For some models I cannot reproduce this behavior, for others I can.

      It appears that I cannot attach a model here, so I opened an issue for this: 00106953: Button UDP editor fails

      I have attached a model to that issue in which this happens.


      Hope this helps, otherwise let me know.

      • TheovanWestrienen


        As it appears, this idea has been treated as a bug. It has been fixed, and is available as of R9.6.1. So this idea may be categorized as Delivered.

        Thanks for listening!


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