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    Jason Shangold

    schof...  how would you see this working?  Can you give an example?  How would this help me if I have a grouping box around a bunch of entities for example?

    • Schof

      Trust Garry to pick the hardest drawing object of the bunch to ask for an example of


      If you have multiple grouping boxes then you could use the existing alignment option to ensure they were all aligned on the top and then "Size to tallest" and "Size to widest" to get grouping boxes with the same dimensions.


      I know what you are probably going to say... "why don't you just delete the smaller grouping boxes and then copy/paste the grouping box with the dimensions you do want". Think large scale (in terms of quantity of grouping boxes), each grouping box potentially having its own theme, text, etc. and you'll have your answer!


      Other drawing objects that I was thinking of when I initially submitted this were annotations and shapes. Why can I align them with entities but not size them in relation to entities? Technically it can't be that difficult. I mean even VB6 back in the late 90's supported these types of WYSIWYG features.

      • GarryG

        Hi Schof...


        I see where you are coming from here, but still not convinced. I trust when you would invoke these capabilities, it would be for a single diagram (at a time) no?.   Based on that then how many grouping boxes would you have on a diagram? A manageable/consumable  size for a diagram is around 20 entities generally but we all know that that is not always possible,  but still, how many grouping boxes could you want on a single diagram? If the boxes are side by each, how much work is it to manually resize them to the tallest one?  If not side by each then...???

        BTW,  I would not copy paste for the reasons you mention, and as for themes.. well ... don't get me started on that! .  I probably would not specify a theme for boxes since you might then need one for every situation that was different.


        As for the annotations falling into the same need, again how many of these would you have on a diagram?  Diagrams are suppose to be self explanatory and if being viewed by someone unfamiliar with reading one, then that's why we are there .. to explain and walk them through.  Granted there may be time you want to put annotation (text boxes?)  on the diagram, but if there is a lot and they are connected to entities, then they should be part of the metadata for the entity.  That way, that information is reportable while I believe that the text boxes may not be. I say may not , because I do not know that for sure).   Even so, you can manually resize the text boxes to match entity size with relative ease, just as you can manually resize an entity to any size you want.


        I don't know the nature of your business or how you have designed your models, but based on my assumption that you are dealing with a single diagram at a time and my simplistic view of the situation, is a manual solution here not viable?  After all, you most likely need to do this once for  a diagram and its done.; again, I'm assuming a non highly volatile model.


        I suspect that you will have plenty of reasons and I await your next volley! 





        • Schof

          Anyone who has to reverse engineer models for the first time, lay them out, and fully document / annotate them so that when plotted they can be easily understood would benefit immensely by these simple enhancements. Having to do this manually for 10+ models which include thousands of entities you literally waste days of work. It's all about efficiency and productivity.


          Technically the enhancements are not difficult to implement. If the ERwin frontend were extendible I wouldn't have submitted this request and would have already implemented this in a matter of days.

          • GarryG

            Sorry Schof... but I really don't see how these drawing options will help much. You still have to do all the manual work off an RE anyways to annotate, document, and lay them out (if one of the default layouts is not adequate, or even if they are, to tweak the layouts.   I am all for good graphical representations but in my simplistic view of the situation, you will doing most of this manually anyways (at least once) so what is this really buying, especially if the frequency is relatively low?  I am sure that you probably have things that are more important you would like to see in the product and base don the number of cycles the dev guys have, I would want a higher priority item handled first. The idea may be good, but since I cannot assign a relative point value to it, a vote up makes it as important as anything else including all my high priority items.




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