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    Jason Shangold
    • GarryG

      I'll reserve my vote for now..  as how do you see this playing out for entitles involved in may diagrams in many SAs?  Are you limiting this to just the current diagram?  is this the suggestion?


      How do you propose that all relationships being rerouted en masse be accomplished to give you what you want/expect.  Personally if I m going to re-route relationships I think I would want to maintain control over that myself.





      • M.S.Reddy

        Select Neighborhood is restricted to "selected objects on the current diagram"; hence, reset relationship path is limited to only those entities/tables. you may select multiple entities to select neighborhood.


        I agree that it is not a good idea to select neighborhood across diagrams/subject areas where we would have arranged the relationships at desired way.

    • Schof

      Can't you already do this in r9 by selecting the entity, selecting all neighboring relationships / entities (Edit --> Selection --> Select Neighborhood) and then resetting their Relationship Paths (using icon in Layout toolbar)?

      • M.S.Reddy

        We Can do this as you described. But Andrew's question/Idea is to reset ALL relationships for an entity, which is not possible and not adviced also.


        Consider this scenario:

        Entity E1 and E2 are on one diagram1 with any type of realtionship

        Entity E1 and E3 are on another diagram2 with any type of relationship

        Now when you are on diagram1: select E1 and choose option "Select Neighborhood", it will selects E1 and E2 only (not E3); hence "reset relationship path" applies only E1 and E2

        Now when you are on diagram2: select E1 and choose option "Select Neighborhood", it will selects E1 and E3 only (not E2); hence "reset relationship path" applies only E1 and E3


        If I understood Andrew's idea correctly, his intention is to select E1, E2, E3 when you choose "Select Neighborhood" for E1 and reset their relationship paths.




    • GarryG



      Base don the comment submitted in this thread, would you like to chime in and clarify some of the questions that remain unanswered?  It would be helpful in deciding how to vote if you could describe =in a bit more detail the scope of the proposal. Whether limited to the current diagram, all diagrams in a subject area or model wide.





      • Andrew.Brenner

        Thanks Garry -


        My logic only goes as far as what you are currently looking at... All relationships that are visible for the entities included on the diagram being viewed. The position of the related entities and the set of related entities could possibly vary over multiple subject areas and diagrams.

        Since I am not using v9 yet (we are still 8.2) the neighborhood functions are possibly more limited to simply adding entities to a diagram.


        In digging into the neighborhood issue, I may have answered my own question. There is an option to reset relationship paths in Diagram/Layout/Reset Relationship Paths. This will reset all the relationships selected.

        It is up to you to select the relationships. There may be a better way to select related relationships and entities in 9 - but I am not seeing anything that allows that in 8.2. This could be helpful for arranging, coloring, or otherwise manipulating related items in a complex diagram. If "select things in my neighborhood" is available in Erwin 9, I really look forward to that.

    • TheovanWestrienen

      Schof mentioned this already: select an entity in the diagram, and then go to menu Edit ==> Selection ==> Select Neighborhood.


      Great functionality, I wasn't aware of it until this posting. Thanks for sharing the idea!

      Btw, I agree with Garry that I would not like functionality which changes the layout in other diagrmas then the current one. This is why I do not vote for the idea, since it is already avaialble within the diagram.

      • GarryG

        As Theo mentions, I am not voting on this either since the functionality you appear to want already exists (by diagram).. If you want to go across many diagrams in one shot, then I stick to be original thought that this is not a good idea,

    • Edwy_Erwin

      The original idea NEVER mentioned anything about resetting relationship paths across diagrams: this non issue was just created in the community responses so personally, I ll just move on and focus on the idea.

      I think that Andrew has a valid point. We should be able to select more that one relationship and right click > reset path.

      I don't like the "solution" of selecting the neighborhood tables then use layout options because 1 it changes the tables placement 2 limits you to only the parent entities and 3 I may just want to reset few neighboring relationships and not all of them. Resetting the path should be more generic than just the neighboring entities: We should be able to select multiple relationships and reset them.


      PS: if you select multiple relationships in Erwin and right click, you get Group, Delete and Override Fonts and Colors.

      Apparently group is there just for the show

    • buccd01

      As indicated in this response stream, the requested functionality already exists for the current diagram and we do not intend to enhance the existing functionality to update all diagrams upon which the "anchor" entity exists. Thank you for your suggestion, but nonetheless I am going to classify this as "Not Planned".



    • buccd01

      Edwy -


      I do not believe there are any false pretenses in my initial response. Selecting the the "Reset Relationship Paths" tool (after "Select Neighborhood") does not change the position of any tables - it only re-routes the relationship paths. I believe that this is the functionality that was requested.



      • Edwy_Erwin
        1. I am probably missing something here. You can select neighborhood of a table, fine. But then how do you reset all relationship paths ? Where's this tool ? Doing it one by one is not efficient.
        2. Sometimes I have one table like a time period table that has several relationships to a single table with roles names : eg date dimension that is used by order table, you ll have Order placed date, order approved date, order processed date, order cancelled date etc. If I move the table, all relationships can be affected, so I want a way to select them all and right click > reset relationship paths. so as you can see that we can have scenarios when we need to select specific set of relationships to reset.
    • TheovanWestrienen

      Ad 1:

      You just do that:

      - make a selection, for example selecting neighborhood (via menu Edit ==> Selection ==> Select Neighborhood)

      - click on Reset Relationship Paths button in the Layout toolbar


      Ad 2:

      More or less the same as one: make a selection by clicking and dragging your mouse, and click on the button.

      • Edwy_Erwin

        aha, this is what I was missing

        Sometimes I assume Erwin works like a normal software when it doesn't. I am always under the impression that If I right click on an object, all functions that can be performed on that object will be listed in the menu but it's not the case in erwin especially when you select more than one object: what's more confusing is if you right click on one relationship, you see the reset relationship path option but if you select 2 or more, it s not there anymore, you must use the layout toolbar

        Thanks Theo.

        • TheovanWestrienen

          Edwy, I agree - many functions in ERwin can be found intuitive, and via various ways (via menu as well toolbar, diagram, explorer) whereas some important ones are sort of hidden.


          My assumption is that the ERwin product management team and development team do this on purpose to stimulate user communication on this forum.

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    Rupert Ryan

    Something that might help.....


    I have customised my Erwin toolbar so that I have the 'Select Neighbourhood' button adjacent to the 'Reset Relationship Paths' button.


    Makes it easy to realign relationship lines with just 2 clicks



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