Do not disable voting for new ideas




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    Neil Buchwalter

    This was a function of the "JIVE" software used by CA to manage our forum. Our current software (ZenDesk) does not prevent voting after a status is applied to a post.


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    Jason Shangold

    Do not disable voting for new ideas | CA Communities

    • Theo -


      I was unaware that was happening, as it seems to be a function of the Jive software which is used to host this community. I'll. check with the community managers to see if that is something we can change.



    • Lenn Thompson

      Theo -- good morning. I just checked the idea that your reference above and it is in "Not Planned" stage, which does not allow for further voting.


      If you have an example of one that is still in "New" where this is happening, please do let me know and we'll chase it down. It's not supposed to work that way. If we can find an example, we can share it with our platform vendor.

      • TheovanWestrienen


        I think you miss the point of my proposal. I propose that new ideas should not be moved to the Not Planned stage so fast (within a couple of days or weeks) and without a reason, especially when the consequence is that voting is blocked. Neil already explained that he was unaware of this part of changing the stage to Not Planned.


        And further more: putting an Idea in the Not Planned stage without a short explanation is weird as well.

        In this case it is even more strange, since the Idea is about functionality which is not working properly - from my point of view it is a fix rather than an enhancement. The Idea of this community should be (from my point of view) to have the actual product users contribute to the value of the product. I do not experience this way of treating Ideas as inviting to work together to make ERwin the best product ever.


        So again: the summary is that new ideas should be open for voting, and applying the stage Not Planned should be done carefully and with explicit communication.


        regards, Theo

        • Lenn Thompson


          Thanks for the clarification. You're questioning the process that the product team is using more than the functionality of the site.


          neilbu can absolutely take the feedback and apply it as he sees fit.

    • TheovanWestrienen

      Neil, could you provide feedback on why this not very well functioning aspect is not targeted to be fixed? And could you remove the status of not planned for some time?


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    Garry Gramm

    Hi Lenn and Theo...

    Am I missing something here?   ERwin is no longer part of the CA portfolio and the community forums have all been moved to Zendesk from Jive (CA) , so how is it that the conversation is still revolving around Jive's functionality?  I've been away for a while, so if I am missing something can you guys please explain why this is a CA issue ( I assume Lenn is still with CA)?

    I believe that Neil said the disabling of voting when status is changed in Zendesk is not an issue - it does not do that (or does it?) so I don't see a problem here. 

    I do agree that it would be nice to have an explanation as to why something is not planned especially if the idea has garnered some traction, but in the end, it is the ERwin design and management team that makes those decisions and it is possible that the reasoning may be because some other 'feature' being planned may circumvent the issue itself and they don't want to let the cat out of the bag (trade ecrets and all that :-)  Dunno, just saying...




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