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    Jason Shangold
    • We just started using ERwin and the potential is great for what we have in the company, however, additionally to MS SQL Server and Hadoop, we are also working with Greenplum, so it would be great if we could use this tool as our only centralized tool to help and maintain development.

    • SharonAllen

      We just purchased ERwin also.  The question on support of Greenplum almost tipped the scales to purchase ERStudio instead - as they already support GreenPlum.

    • marcia.quintela

      We have been using Erwin for many years with Oracle, DB2 and SQLServer. Now we are evaluating another modeling tool to support our Postgres data models.

      It is very important to our company that Erwin support the Postgres.

    • Jeff.Bailey1.1

      I would like to have PostgreSQL support added to Erwin, too.

    • srinivasa.voruganti

      Hi, to catch up with the industry wide databases we want Erwin  to support PostgreSQL. I see Erwin is behind in the race in databases support compare to other data modeling tools.

    • Edwy_Erwin

      Please if you think to do this, DO IT RIGHT.

      A poor REing on a postgres partitioned table (lets say a table with 100 partitions) will return 101 tables : the hundred partitions as tables and 1 "master" table. NO ONE wants 101 tables when it's really 1 logical table.

      A good tool, like what Erwin is supposed to be, will only return the "master" table.

    • abhpremier

      +1 would like to have PostgreSQL support added to Erwin, too.

    • Tim Woolford-Smith

      Just a thought

      You can use Macros to generate POSTGRES, GREENPLUM, C#, XML, or anything else you would like.  You need to have a look at the Macro language to see how to do this, but many of the community are generating DDL and plenty of other stuff that is not natively supported OOB in ERwin


      • Edwy_Erwin

        so remind me why am I paying for this tool if I have to write my own code to generate ddls ? What about complete compare, reverse eng etc ?

        I know you are giving me options on how to work around the tool limitations and thanks for that but I expect better from the "leading" modeling tool.

        btw I already altered the fet file to take care of the script generation/alteration but I'd like a native connection.

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    Binod Therat

    Could you guide me/ point me to documentation in using macros to generate postgres DDLs .

    Are there any samples available ? When will postgres support be available in ERwin out of the box.

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    Ruairi Ologain

    I'd like to see support for PostgreSQL 9.x too. Does  I'm a data modeller, not a macro writer, so I'll probably just switch to another product that supports it. Does ERWIN not realise that AWS Redshift is now the most common platform for data warehouses?

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