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    Jason Shangold
    • Also relevant: all data movement related properties

      • Edwy_Erwin

        BRING BACK RTB Er7 solution which was BE and reporting combined !!!

        Data movement is very far in the list of things that need to be improved in BE.

        • neilbu

          Unfortunately, RTB is a legacy reporting capability that will not make a return to ERwin DM. The good news is that Report Designer is our current reporting capability and is available in r9.6 and newer product releases. If there is some functionality that you feel is missing from Report Designer, than please post an entry to the Idea Wall for the ERwin Team and our other customers to evaluate.



          • Edwy_Erwin

            YES there's something BIG missing from the report designer : the ability to alter the result data set : update column name, datatype etc.

            RTB was a reporting solution + it allowed us to work on the result (the equivalent of Bulk Editor) + generate a pdf.

            Now I have to run a report  from report designer then run Bulk editor for changes then rerun the report and keep going back and forth. I was going to say something sarcastic here but I ll follow GarryG advice and shutup.


            PS: when you guys take out functions that were available in previous versions, I don't think it's fair to log it as an "idea" because IT'S NOT. You should add a section for "Complaints/missed in testing/Where is waldo" Sorry GarryG as I said before I can't help it.

            • GarryG

              Hey Edwy..


              I never said you should shut up as that would defeat the purpose of discussions. I merely suggested that you play nice - you know, you catch more flies with honey that you do with vinegar!

              As for your last statement about a special section, I totally agree with you. For example, cloning SAs with exact same layout and navigating to an SA from within the SA editor are examples of just 2 features removed from prior versions present since time began, but are now sadly missing.   These are not enhancements but regression issues or flawed design decisions that affect user productivity - and I fully support this idea where these can be articulated and the user community can chime in on, (read as Vote on) whether they should come back sooner than later,  separated from real enhancement request for increased new functionality which, depending on how that functionality fits in CA development roadmap, could be a long time coming if at all.


              One thing that I think Theo mentioned earlier is that if we are to request these things to be reinstated, each item should be logged separately, and not as a group of items. That way each stands on its own merit and is easy to gauge user community importance relative to each other based on votes garnered.


              and BTW, no apology necessary here!

    • MayankSrivastava

      Updating the Data Movement sources for large model needs to be automated via the API.

      • GarryG

        Since this topic is dealing with the Bulk Editor, you should open a separate idea on the idea wall for this. If left here it is buried with other things and will not get the attention it you want it to have.

    • sueb

      It would be great to include Subject Area, especially with Table-only selection.  With several SAs in many of my models, I'd like to be able to see where I need to add or move tables between SAs.

      • GarryG



        is this a Bulk editor enhancement?  I'm not sure that I follow what you are asking here.

        • sueb

          Yep, I am requesting that a Property Type of "Subject Area" be added to the Bulk Editor Object Type of "Table".  Does that help?

          • GarryG

            Yes.   I thought so but wasn't sure. I believe you are looking for  "is in Subject area" option like it was in data browser, but that only will list the SAs a table resides in.   I don't think what you are thinking can be done especially for moving things around since BE is a "flat" structure and not hierarchical.

            Can you explain how you see this working?

            • sueb

              I do just need the list of SA(s) a table resides in; I'll do the movement myself.  Thanks!

              • GarryG

                If its only a list you want then use the report designer. Create a subject area report, include subject area name and under members, choose table physical name.  Sort on table name and then move the table name to the left of the SA name.  Works for me.  her is an example...


                Table in SA report.jpg

              • Edwy_Erwin

                if you are looking at a single table, you can go at "table properties" or "Entity Properties" > "where Used" tab.

                It will show you all Objects interacting with this table : SAs, Relationships, shapes etc

                • sueb

                  That is a good for a single table but some of these subject areas have hundreds of tables so I was looking for more of a "bulk" way to do the analysis.  Just to make sure I had the right table in the right SA(s).  Thanks though!

                  • Edwy_Erwin

                    ok so what about using query tool > save the result in a csv file and make any filtering./manipulation you want



                    SUBJECT_AREA.NAME ,

                    TRAN(ENTITY.PHYSICAL_NAME) 'Table Name'



                    INNER JOIN M0.SUBJECT_AREA


                    INNER JOIN M0.ENTITY


                    ORDER BY SUBJECT_AREA.NAME

                    • GarryG

                      Sue ...


                      Can you not use the report designer as I have indicated above , export to .csv then manipulate the spreadsheet in excel to sort or filter any way you like?.

                      In my example above, I sorted on table name and it gave a list of all SAs that each table is in.  Conversely, you could sort on SA name and see all the tables by SA. I don't see how this is different than what you are needing.  Are we missing something?


                      Can you dummy up a "report" that you would like to see.  Perhaps that might help us see if we can accommodate that.




                      • TheovanWestrienen



                        you might also try the ERwin standard report Subject Area Membership. You can find it under menu Tools ==> Pinned Reports.

                        It has some selection boxes, so you can either select one or more SAs for which you want to see the members (= entities), and/or select one or more entieis, to see from which Sa they are member.

                        This might be the most effective way when I understand your request.

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