Support for XSD as target database



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    Jason Shangold
    • randmatt

      TheovanWestrienen I like your idea a lot but with one caveat/addendum: Let's please support both XSD and JSON documents if we do this. Reason being that you're exactly right XSD's are used often, but most newer projects I've been involved in have been moving to JSON instead of XML due to the comparatively smaller tags and space usage. On millions or billions of rows, those characters make a huge difference. Furthermore, NoSQL databases like Cloudant, Mongo and others operate on a JSON schema model for their documents, and this would allow us to use Erwin to generate the JSON schema documents necessary to define these databases as well without intermediate and unreliable online tools getting involved to convert say from XSD to JSON after the fact.


      My workaround lately has been to export my models to XSD after choosing a different kind of database first, which feels kloogy. I'd definitely like to see more embedded support for this type of modeling.

    • steve.dillon

      Hi Theo,


      Can you please explain why the current method of generating an XSD via the export bridge (File-->Export-->To External Format) does not meet your requirements?

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    Ana Ristic

    I am also very much in need of exporting the data model in Json or Xml format. Actually I am trying to export data model into Couchbase schema , which is not available for now so the closest usable format is xsd.

    So I found out that Export utility does not apply naming standards to object names that I have defined in the model which makes it totally useless. Also, I cannot filter by Subject Area or Table name which would be helpful as I don't want to generate the XSD for objects which are still wip. 


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