Create a preference to add the Schema/Owner to the Explorer window for object names




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    Neil Buchwalter

    The model explorer can (theoretically) display the schema name for tables and other objects. Unfortunately, this functionality became "broken" in one of our recent r9.x product releases. We have identified the problem and will provide a fix in our upcoming next product release. 


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    Jason Shangold
    • TheovanWestrienen

      The menu you show in the Subject Area editor is the sort menu. One button to the right you have the Display menu. Click and you can set this editor to display the names with or without schema names in that editor. the same functionality is available in other editors, like the Diagram editor.


      There is no such possibility for the Model Explorer (I think you are targeting the Model Explorer when you mention the explorer window?).

      • SharonAllen

        Thank you Theo!


        Yes, the Model Explorer pane is the one I mean.


        I didn't realize that the SubModel name option menu was even there.  Do you know if there is a way to create a SubModel filtered on Schema/Owner without having to move the objects one by one?


        • TheovanWestrienen

          What I usually do is:

          - go to the Subject Area edtior

          - set the Choose Name display format to Physical names, show owner

          - set the Sort items to Alphabetic by Owner, Name

          - search the list to find the first occurrence of the schema object I want.

          - scroll down, and - using the Shift key - select the last item I want

          - then click on Move all Objects to included objects.


          It is not completely one click, but it is close enough for me.

          • SharonAllen

            That works for me! 


            I am doing a bunch of legacy modeling right now and have found the schema/owner designations are very helpful to isolate focus points for the team.


            Perchance – do you know if is there a way for me to set up a theme – color scheme by schema (I guess this would be conditional theme management)?  I know that I can build individual themes for each schema/owner but that means I have to touch each table/view and manage the themes manually.

            • pheller

              Check out  the universal modeling Idea that I posted.  Also, I created a template with named themes that maybe applicable to what you would like?

              • SharonAllen

                Actually, I am having trouble getting the themes to look right in the Erwin Web Portal – so I am not sure how far I should try to go with them right now.


                It is really disappointing, but it isn’t a WISIWIG from the Mart to the Web Portal.  You can check out some of my other questions to see what I mean.

    • pheller

      ERwin needs to be able hide\show Schema/Owner for any object within ERwin.

      • TheovanWestrienen

        Peter, I can understand that requirement for any applicable object (that is, model objects with an equivalent in the database), so to start with I voted for this idea.

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