x64 OS or 64bit DB Drvier Support Issue



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    Jason Shangold
    • myilsooni

      I was very uncomfortable for this issue.

      I have two machine for use ERwin.

      One is normal feature test (main machine) for ERwin and this machine 64bit environment.

      other machine is for test forward/reverse/compare and develop relate ERwin API.

      This mahcine is consist 32bit base of OS and Offcie.

      But mos of customer did not use like me.

      And I received complain from my customer  for that issue, actually.

      And recently I prepared 1 more machine for test ERwin/Mart 9.6 beta.


      How about you?

      • GarryG

        We have been using ERwin on a 64 bit OS machine here since we went from XP to windows 7 and have had no issues the fact ERwin is a 32 bit application running on a 64 bit OS.


        The documentation for installing ERwin 9. 6.1 states that you need 32 bit drivers for native database connections for ERwin as it does not o support 64 bit drivers.  I believe those drivers are installed during ERwin installation. We run it on many PC's here. Several of us are also running R9.6.1 using Win7 X64  and again, it is a non issue.  It works fine.


        It would be nice to have a 64 bit application just to utilize more memory for processing large ERwin models, and rumor has it that CA is working on  a 64 bit version for a future release. So in the meantime, you should have no issues running ERwin 32 bit on a 64 bit OS machine, after doing a "stock" install of the product.


        You should not need a 32 bit OS to run any version of ERwin to date.

    • NishijimaYuto

      I really agree with that.

    • BrianKim

      Well.. Definitely ERwin works fine on a 32/64bit OS machine but the problem is that many users have been facing a problem, difference of bits from DB driver and client. It is very important issue for mojor system integration comapanies like Samsung SDS and LGCNS dealing with various and complicated envrionment including OS 32/64bit, application 32/64bit, DB 32/64bit, and client 32/64bit.

      Assume that 500 users working on that environment everyday and you get called for that issue. Maybe you will start to think about using another product someday and we are seeing that from customer already.

      In Asia, ER/Studio is very strong competitor of ERwin I think. and what I worry about is that they already support 64bit and are getting better and bigger.

    • SharonAllen

      I just went through a whole series of investigations on why our 9.6  ERwin wouldn't print to our plotters.  Some of the issues were around the 32 bit drivers needed from the vendor.  We just don't think about 32 bit requirements much and it certainly isn't a default anymore.


      I voted up for this one.  ;-)

    • myilsooni

      I'm very glad for the news of ERwin.

      ERwin r9.64 support native 64bit enviroment, finally.


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