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    Jason Shangold
    • Tim Woolford-Smith

      Hi Neil

      Not a solution, more a work around

      We use ERwin on Netezza and we can RE & FE using the standard ODBC connect

      I tend not to use the FETs as they have their own peculiar way of presenting things in the generated DDL

      Almost everything can be generated using the Macro language and I found everything I wanted to do in Netezza using this approach was possible

      If you still need any further detail let me know (this is a pretty old thread)



      • Mark-CIC-EDW

        We are probably after the same thing as I opened an enhancement request before I saw this online. Tim, I would like more information and clarification on how you work around to use ERwin on Netezza for FE and RE using ODBC. I am not an expert at all on Erwin and wondering if there is something wrong with what our developers were doing when trying to set up their ODBC connections. Please advise.

        • Tim Woolford-Smith

          Hi Mark


          The Netezza environment I was using was with a previous client and hence I do not have the ability to test my words against a real life system to verify the accuracy of what I am writing here.


          We used ERwin V8 as it was 2 years ago.  We connected using the ODBC mechanism and we had no problems using FE or RE - so again, I cannot test or help directly.  What I would suggest is to get one of your DBAs who understands your database connectivity to help you.


          As mentioned in previous posts, I no longer make use of the FETs that come with ERwin as they tend to lag behind the latest DDL nuances for each database.  Instead, I write my own using the Script Template language and I am now capable of getting DDL generating for a new environment in hours.  Unfortunately, this only comes with many hours of mucking around with the Script Template language, which is highly idiosyncratic.


          You might be able to get outside help, such as external consultants, who can assist you, if you do not have the skills in-house.  Make sure they upskill you and your people as part of their brief if you go this way.


          Sorry to not be able to provide any real help, keep plugging away at ERwin and Netezza to get it supported, but it won't happen soon.



          • Mark-CIC-EDW

            Tim, I appreciate the response. I am actually the admin for Netezza Appliances and Erwin. Being the Erwin admin has proven quite comical as I have no experience with the tool and don't have a copy either anymore. So I cannot really investigate the issues with ODBC myself. Developers have tried FE and RE to generate DDL but dislike the tweaking required. Naturally they want something that works and not a work around. We will keep pushing for the Netezza support.

    • Tim Woolford-Smith

      Hi Mark


      One thing that I suggest at the sites I work is for the more technical people to get ERwin.  I started life as a DB2 system administrator (sort of like the super DBA on a DB2 environment) and once I got my hands on ERwin, I used it to develop all of our background tasks that standard DBAs and application people don't or won't do, such as setting up Image Copies, gathering Statistics, managing Storage Groups, etc.


      I use ERwin to provide reports on non-compliance on naming standards, domain standards, plus to identify self-referencing relationships that haven't been role named (hence the self referencing relationship is truly recursive from the parent column back onto itself) and multiple child dependencies from the same table where the FK columns haven't been role named either.  This is useful as a final gateway check before releasing DDL into production.


      Plus in the data warehouses, I auto generate the views that support the Current and the Historical perspective of the base tables.  Also Netezza does not have the NORMALIZATION function available in Teradata, and so we developed the views that performed normalisation through an automatic generator as well.


      The beauty of doing these things in ERwin is it is a single point of generation, hence enhancements and (dare I say) bug fixes to thes items are encapsulated within the one tool and relate directly back to the model that both describes and supports the database.


      So let your designers/developers build your data models, and then use those same models to do the admin/maintenance tasks you need to build the standard items you need for each table in your Netezza environment.

      Hope that helps.


      I hope others on the forum will comment regarding their use of ERwin outside of the straight modelling tasks.  I am aware that some use ERwin to generate XML from their models.



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