Have Connectors for Annotations do what they should do

Not planned



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    Jason Shangold
      • Good suggestion Theo.

        Could be a bit of an interesting challenge to implement though.

      • david.clough

        Hadn't thought about the Connectors being an Object but I can see the point.


        I'm personally using the drawing capabilities more and more, partly because I quite like the capabilities (albeit quite limited at the moment) but also because it means we can store them away in ModelMart.

        The connector lines I would personally like are i) a curved line and a wavy line (a bit like you could do in Visio) and ii)

        curly braces (a brace is very difficult to simulate without a specific drawing object).

        Why ? Only because it sometimes aids visualization.


        I know there was a reluctance in making Erwin a drawing tool (because it's a Database Design Modelling tool) but with a bit more effort it could easily satify most basic drawing functionality.


        By the way, did you know you can bring images into drawing objects (jpegs, etc) ?  It's quite easy and when brought into a text box (taking off the border) then you've effectively brought in a standalone image - I think it's great.  Quite honestly, I just stumbled across it very recently.

      • TheovanWestrienen

        This idea has been given a status of Not Planned. Does anybody know what that means?

      • Edwy_Erwin

        It means :  we wont bother look into this, it s not in our plans to go that route (even if it's a good idea) at least that what it sounds like.

        The good things about your ideas and ideas in general is that it makes you think and use the original thought for sub ideas.

        May be it would be nice to have the concept of "Sticky Notes" for erwin objects. Imagine you can add note(s), not a comment that is only a single text but several notes (same way how you add a udp) and you ll have a check box with every note to display or not the "Sticky Note". If checked, an annotation and a connector is automatically created for the entity with the text of that note. The sticky notes are attached to the entity so they can be enabled/disabled in any subject area/digram.

        • TheovanWestrienen

          Thanks Edwy, and I like your idea.

          You might even propose that those sticky notes replace the current Annotations and Connectors altogether. As of meta data it would suffice to have a flag per note (on table/entity/relationship etc level) whether it is Sticky or not.

          On diagram level you could have a tab with Available sticky notes and Include Sticky notes, offering you the possibility to either display tem on the diagram or not.


          I am afraid that you are correct on the meaning of Not Planned (although I would use slightly different words .... ).

          Not very customer friendly when Ideas are discarded without a reason. This doesn't encourage us to bring ideas forward.

          • Please ERwin Inc, when discarding Ideas brought forward by the user community, do explain why this is done.

          To be honest I think this idea is about repairing bugs in the implementation of the Annotation functionality, since the way it is implemented it is hard to make effective use of it. From my point of view the Annotation functionality should either be fixed, or taken out of the product.

      • TheovanWestrienen

        Edwy, thank for that info. That is annoying indeed. It looks as if giving an idea the status of not planned block the possibility to for or against it. That is remarkable at least.

      • TheovanWestrienen

        neilbu, could you reset the status of this issue so that voting can continue?


        And if fixing of this not very well functioning part of ERwin is not planned indeed, could you share some of the thoughts behind that decision?

      • buccd01

        Theo and all -


        Like many projects you are involved in within your own organizations, there's a ROI aspect to a project that must be considered. To start with, we are not without an incredible number of good suggestions made by our loyal community. The problem we face is not having enough resources to implement everything that is suggested. Therefore, we must consider ROI as well as where our resource investment will benefit the greatest number of users. In this specific case, we determined that the amount of work to effectively rewrite the code that implements the connector shape as an annotation object was more than the perceived benefit of making the change. Of course, there are many other reasons why an idea may not be implemented (e.g., it does not fit with the overall direction we wish to take the product or the idea is superseded by an idea we plan to implement). Please keep in mind that for every enhancement we tackle, some other project is potentially delayed or unfortunately rejected. It's not that an idea is a bad one, sometimes it just comes down to best use of development resources.


        As for your suggestion that I leave voting open for new items, I can easily do that. In this case (as well as in others) there was a clear response and I was attempting to provide feedback to the community as quickly as possible. In the future, I can refrain from updating the status of any idea that has not been posted for at least 90 days. I believe that should be a sufficient amount of time for community members to react to the idea and to voice their opinions. Will that work?



        • TheovanWestrienen


          thanks for the explanation.


          I appreciate the fact that resources are limited and that choices have to be made therefore. I would think that the number of votes and the content of the reactions on ideas weigh heavily in order to make that decision.

          In other words: it shows this community that it is relevant to express the relevancy of ideas on this forum.


          90 days is a fair period of time.

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    Raymond Bowers

    I love the idea of setting a text attribute for an object and then toggling it to display like a sticky note/annotation to the side, so it moves with the entity!  I annotate my models a lot, within each subject area, then the full model display relays everything out and my annotations are a group of unconnected boxes in the corner... Blech!


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