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    Jason Shangold
    • neilbu

      The pre-r9.x functionality described here was incomplete and was often the target of customer enhancement requests. When working on Report Designer, it was decided that we would incorporate what we could into the mart OPEN dialog and other functionality would be accessible via Report Designer. One of our "out-of-the-box" Mart Administration reports (Number of Entities in Model) easily provide what is requested and with a few easy clicks can provide even more (see attached). We felt this was the best mechanism for addressing this request and all other similar requests that have been submitted.



      • GarryG

        Hi Neil....

        What do you mean that the Pre R9.x solution was incomplete?  Seems to me that the information requested from R9 was already there in R8, hence I see it as Complete in R8, which then means that the information is now incomplete in R9.


        Having to now run a report to get this information is clearly a step backwards and more work, considering that clicking on any model in the mart in all previous versions of ERwin did actually show the information that was in R8.  


        I'm with DM-5 on this as it should be where it was in R8.

        I don't see why you had to remove that information from the open dialog just because the rest of the information that others requested was not there.   Having the ability to show this and other information in  the report designer may be fine to satisfy those who wanted more, but for those who were happy with just what was there in R8 (and all previous versions),  why did you have to remove it?

        I would vote to put it back if I could, but because it is marked as delivered,  it seems voting is closed.

        Why can you not have it in both places.




      • DM-5



        I understand that the product team has to sometimes make decisions that may not satisfy all customers but this is functionality we had in R8 and used for years. It was basically taken away with no warning and no valid rationale. Here are a few points from a customer's perspective and I represent 20+ modelers when I say these things:


        • We used and relied on this functionality for years. Customers become unhappy when functionality is taken away.
        • The mart is kind of like a configuration management/collaboration tool and Date Created is something very important and exists in every single configuration management/collaboration tool out there regardless of technology.
        • The R9 workaround is highly inconvenient compared to what we had in R8.
        • In R9 why leave the Object Count label which is useless to most modelers and take out the Entity Count which is so much more meaningful?
        • If you had customers constantly asking for new enhancements on the labels then you should have dealt with those specific requests and not remove existing functionality with impacts to other customers
        • And the best solution is to always allow customers to customize labels etc. Erwin is lacking basic customizations/options that we have in so many other products.
        • One last comment is that this whole notion of Idea and Voting may seem valuable on the surface but it is really nonsense when functionality is taken away and then we have to build a case to get it back as if it is a new enhancement request. The burton of proof should not be on the customer's side for something we already had and paid as part of the product.
        • GarryG

          And while we are the subject of timestamps, in ERwin editors history tabs,  date created and date modified show times in UTC time codes.  Let's make everyone calculate when they actually created or modified and object instead of showing the time in local time. When I see a modified time of 1130PM kudos to the person working then, but he adamantly denied being there at that time!

          Apparently it has been this way since R8 was introduced and I'm somewhat amazed that no one has noticed this or complained about it till now.

          Modelmart shows times a local, why not ERwin.  My math skills are dwindling. 


          I have raised an issue with CA support on this as I feel that if this was a design decision, it was a poor one, and should be corrected.

          If it was an oversight by development, then consider it a bug and fix it please.

          Consistency across the product needs to be maintained.

    • chesr03

      The Date Created information of a model is available in Catalog Manager in r9.x. Please see the below screenshot.


      Created on.jpg

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    Panos Menelaou

    The erwin explanation and solution is not acceptable. We need these features back.

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