Enable delete confirmation dialog?



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    Tim Woolford-Smith

    Good point Jayme

    I just had a good look and couldn't locate an obvious way to reinstate this dialogue once you have selected the tick box not to show the confirmation again

    Also ...

    If you highlight an entity (for example) and hit the <Delete> key and get this dialogue, there is no <Cancel> option, forcing a delete.  The windows standard of using the <Esc> key isn't implemented on this dialogue either.

    I understand you can use undo once you accept the delete (either on the diagram or the whole model) but that isn't exactly how to progress - a <Cancel> button and implementing the windows standard for <Esc> would be far better, especially for nervous first users



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    Jeremy Schofield

    Tools --> Options --> Reset all messages


    NOTE: It resets ALL messages (whatever those others might be!!!) 

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