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    Neil Buchwalter

    To view the owners in a physical display, you simply have to open the Diagram Editor for the diagram in question, and select the "Display Owner" option on the TABLE tab. 

    The result will be a display similar to the following...

    Finally, if you wish to choose tables by owner you can do so in several different ways depending upon what you are trying to accomplish. You have options to "filter" tables in the Table Editor (just type as much of the owner name as desired in the "filter text" area.

    The SA Editor provides options for displaying and sorting by owner name.

    The Bulk Editor allows you to select, filter, sort and modify the model metadata (including owner/schema) to accomplish many different tasks ...


    I hope this helps....


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    c. liu

    Thanks NEIL! I'm familiar with all the features you explained and use them everyday. However, I'm suggesting Model Explorer to have these capabilities TOO. I have many large models (at least hundreds of tables) where same-name tables exist in up to 6 different schema. It is not practical to navigate their diagram to find a table. If I start with Model Explorer and use the 'Go To Diagram' feature to find the table in the diagram, I'm facing 6 tables with the same name and these 6 tables are ordered randomly in Model Explorer. For a simple example, I have these TParty tables: Stage.TParty, Master.TParty and Archive.TParty, all Model Explorer shows is three TParty in roll, but I can't figure out whether the first one is in Stage or Master or Archive. I suspect the list order follows the order those tables created in the model, but definitely has nothing to do with schema name. I hope I'm clear here regarding what I'm struggling with and what I'm suggesting to enhance. thanks. 

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    Neil Buchwalter (Edited )

    There is a feature that allows users to modify the information displayed in the model explorer. An example of this is to prepend the owner name to the table names displayed. I suspect this is what you are looking for. Unfortunately, that feature is not working properly in r9.x. The good news is that we have fixed the problem and L1 Support can provide that fix to you if requested.


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