How To Move Accidentally Deleted Tables From Old Model to Current Model?



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    Matt Russo

    Hi Lisa,

    Please try using the erwin complete compare.  Compare the older model with the newer model.  You can use the left object selection (or right object selection) to filter it down to just the five tables.  Then export those five older tables to the newer model.

    NOTE:  if you want to include the five tables and parents or children you can do that by creating a new subject area and choosing the spanning neighborhood function to move the ancestors and descendants into the new subject area.  Then filter on the subject area when performing the compare.



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    Lisa Bober

    Matt:  Thank you very much!!!  I rely greatly on ERwin, but I only use it at a basic level compared to others.  I was not aware of these features.  I will look into it.  Thank you very much.  - Lisa

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    Matt Russo

    My pleasure, Lisa.  Please open a Support ticket if you get stuck.  Best Regards.

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