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    Neil Buchwalter (Edited )

    Raymond -

    No need to maximize the editor window. Just expand it vertically by dragging the top border to the top of your Windows display area and then adjusting the vertical dialog (middle) splitter downwards.


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    Raymond Bowers


    I think you missed my point.

    Yes I know I can drag the middle splitter down (something I did not do in my second screen shot), but I am still just limited to about 18 attributes in the top area.

    If you look at my second screen shot, there is a TON of wasted space on the right side of my screen.  My point was that if the LOWER area could be toggled to be on the side, rather than below, then the main portion of that dialog box (the actual attributes/columns) could almost DOUBLE vertically!  So rather than just 18 columns we view over 30.

    Some people may like the tabs at the bottom, I'd like them on the side.  TOAD is great in that many windows have a button to hit letting users swap placement of the child area from top/bottom to left/right.  I think such an option here would be very useful!

    Especially since displays are far wider than taller (unless you rotate your display), so stacking areas really limits use of the screen and makes me scroll more.

    I know how to maximize the window.  I am complaining about how the window itself is laid out and limited.  Hope that makes more sense.



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    Neil Buchwalter

    Ray -

    Thanks for clarifying your comment. I did miss what you were saying.


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    Sharona K

    This request is marked as "answered", but it should be changed. It realy hasn't been answered yet.

    I would be very interested to see a response to this request.

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