Support File Save Option for security reason.



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    Matt Russo (Edited )

    Thanks, Il-Soon.

    One way to manage this is to have some of the end users run erwin Navigator instead of the Data Modeler.  Navigator being the read-only version.

    But it sounds like your request is to use the Mart Administrator security to be able to make some erwin Workgroup Edition users read-only when they open ALL mart models, or just some mart models.

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    Il-Soon Im

    Hi, Matt.

    Customer want to save to mart only.

    They did not want to save model to local PC for security reason like model file leakage.

    So, most of big cutomer used security environment.

    Eacample, all files include model files can only open special PC.

    But, this Customer POSCO is global company and this company want whole modols to saved at Mart Server and controll by global DA. 

    Check below company web page.



    Il-Soon, Im 

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