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    Garry Gramm

    Hi Duane...


    How big is the database you RE'd?  (# of tables)?  

    Since you want to output to Word, I am assuming that you would want to "print" on 11 x 8.5,  11 x14, or 11 x17 sized paper (size specified for content).  It really isn't of much use to have more than 10 -15 entities / tables per "page" depending on the size of the page and the tables themselves, so how would you organize a model that is larger, in order to control page breaks and page overflow?   Have you tried to output to PDF using the report designer?  At least with PDF, you can scale the diagrams on the fly with minimal pixilation.

    My recommendation to get meaningful (i.e. readable) diagrams in a word document would be to organize the model into subject areas then use the report designer to create the word (or PDF) documents using the runtime specification to select the SA's either individually or all at once.  At least break up the model into manageable pieces.

    Hope this helps.


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    Cristina Lapa

    May not help you but we got a plotter... we print big diagrams in size E paper..... but if you need a soft copy, then what we do is print to CUTE PDF.....

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    Duane Evans-parker

    Thanks Cristina.  I'll take a look at CUTE PDF

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    Duane Evans-parker

    Thanks Garry,  I was hoping there was a way to select the entities I wanted to print, rather than having to create subject areas.

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    Bill Bunke

    Instead of a new SA, what about using a "diagram" (or is it called a "display"; i'm stuck back on 7.x for past 15 mo. after 18 months on 9.x). A "diagram" is a visual set of entities for whatever reason you want.

    Once you have their display worked out, you might simply cut/paste all of them into word as a quick transition (as an image, as I recall).

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