Please add the ability to reverse engineer view columns from Oracle database catalog



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    Bryan Donohue

    Thank you for adding this request, but I would like to extend it a little... For Materialized views, the constraints and indexes are not brought over as well!  We have an environment (Oracle 11G) where we have a few schema's that are made up of MViews.  Our users use them as read only tables, but we index them and add foreign key constraints to them as well.  We tried to reverse engineer this in order to provide a diagram to our users of this, but all the columns, indexes and constraints were not brought over with the Materialized Views.  Adding all this manually would be a pretty big task and prone to mistakes!

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    Garry Gramm

    I believe the whole handling of Views across all DBMS types is a problem that has been ragged on for many years by many of use, not just Oracle.  This enhancement request should be to improve view handling across all supported DBMS types in an appropriate fashion for each DBMS type. .

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