How may I publish a model from erwin to Web Portal or upload a model to Web Portal?




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    Sharona K

    We just acquired the web portal, and I am trying to publish our model. I found these instructions in the knowledge base, but one step seem to be missing.

    When I go to File | Web Portal | Publish, I got an error that said there is no model on the file system. So I saved the model on my desktop, as an off-line model. Then I was able to start publishing it. 

    Is this how it's supposed to work? Why can't I publish directly from the mart on-lin model?

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    Matt Russo (Edited )

    Hi Sharona,

       The above article pertains to publishing from erwin to the web portal.  In that case, the file must reside locally.

    However, within the web portal UI (web browser) you can also publish to the web portal and also schedule regular harvestings.  One example how to do that is here:  How to Harvest a Single Model from a r9 Mart using Web Portal r9.x?



    Matt Russo | Principal Support Engineer, erwin, Inc.

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